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How much fluid does a allison 2000 hold

Regular fluid and filter maintenance is the simplest thing you can do ensure the performance and durability of your Allison fully automatic transmission. We recommend you use fluid analysis as the primary method for determining fluid change intervals. Fluid and filter change recommendations are based on three criteria: mileage, hours in use, or months elapsed, whichever comes first. This step helps determine which criteria to use in determining a change interval for your vehicle s. Please consult your operators manual for more information.

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Is the prognostic feature enabled for your transmission? Consult your Operator's Manual for how to determine if Prognostics is turned on. Yes No. Is the transmission duty cycle severe? Severe Duty stops more than once per mile. What type of fluid does the transmission currently contain? There are no questions to answer. Please continue to the next step.

Allison Approved Fluids

Step 3 of 3. Please complete previous steps first. How many hours per day is this vehicle in operation? Hours How many days per week is this vehicle in operation?

Due to field studies, changes in emission requirements, vehicle design, and operating environments, Allison Transmission can only recommended fluid change intervals for TES or TES approved fluids and filter change intervals with genuine Allison filters. Should you choose not to utilize TES or TES approved fluids or non-genuine Allison filters then Allison Transmission cannot recommend a specific fluid and filter change intervals.

Change intervals for vehicles operating at lower speeds appear to be shortened, but the intervals are based on the equivalent mileage for the given hours of use as vehicles operating at high average speeds. Change intervals for vehicles operating at lower speeds appear to be shortened, but the intervals are based on the equivalent mileage for the given months elapsed as vehicles operating at high average speeds.The Allison has been the standard automatic transmission for the Duramax diesel since its inception in At this time, transmission's size, strength, and versatility far exceeded anything available from the Duramax's direct competitors.

The Allison was a five speed transmission from to model years, while a significant upgrade for the MY included the addition of a second overdrive gear, making it a six speed transmission. Allison's specialty is commercial grade automatic transmissions for medium and heavy duty applications, which includes everything from transit buses to tractor trailers. Acquired by General Motors in following the death of the company's founder, Allison's history includes the development of propulsion systems for aircraft and other military applications prior to the end of the WWII.

GM sold Allison Transmission inalthough Duramax powered pickups continue to use their transmissions. Moderate changes have occurred to the transmission throughout the years however the platform itself has, for all intents and purposes, remained the same since This addition is particular attractive in terms of fuel consumption, as the lower engine speeds create an opportunity for greatly improved fuel economy on the highway. Rather than becoming outdated, the Allison has evolved to match the performance characteristics and demands of the Duramax turbodiesel, which has undergone significant changes itself through the years.

General Motors was the first of the "Big 3" to phase out a manual transmission option for their diesel - the ZF 6 speed was last offered for the model year.

Modern automatic transmissions, such as the Allisonare far superior to manual transmissions in almost every category. While a manual transmission is obviously a much simpler machine, there can be no integration between engine parameters and transmission shift schedule; such communication between powertrain components brings us innovative features that include engine braking and dynamic shift schedules.

Additionally, the Allison is rated with a far greater input torque capacity than any outgoing manual transmission. It also relies on adaptive technology which integrates the transmission with the engine control module to continuously monitor driver input and calculate ideal shift strategies for the particular driving conditions.

The Allison's obvious strength is its robust size, as the series transmission is designated for medium duty applications. The six speed model also has dual overdrives, with the second overdrive ratio being rather high. This allows for low engine speeds at cruising rpm and ultimately opportunities for significantly reduced fuel consumption in relative terms. The Allison is not without a few weaknesses, which include insufficient lubrication to the C3 clutch and the off-center engagement of the C1 and C2 clutches.

Low fluid flow to the C3 clutch has been known to be a leading cause of premature failure in the Allison, although it's not generally a cause for concern and there exists no phenomenon of widespread failures as a result of this issue. The C1 and C2 clutch pistons engage their respective clutch systems from the side off-centerwhich typically causes uneven wear on these clutch packs. Again, the problem is frequently noted during transmission rebuilds, but has not been largely attributed to premature transmission failure.

Allison Transmission (3000 series) fluid and filter change - 2001 American Coach

This is a safety feature built into the Allison's programming which locks the transmission in 3rd gear if rapid or excessive slippage is detected. The concept is to protect the owner from being stranded as the result of serious transmissions problems, as the system identifies the slippage as abnormal and possibly a sign of severe problems.

When this occurs, owners will experience a significant decrease in engine performance and reduced vehicle speed performance and ratio limited. Allison Transmission Features Moderate changes have occurred to the transmission throughout the years however the platform itself has, for all intents and purposes, remained the same since When GM introduced the Duramax diesel inthey grabbed the light truck world by the horns as they were the first to offer common rail injection in a diesel.

At the time, GM had a couple automatic transmissions in its arsenal which could cope with the torque of a small or big block gas V8, but nothing that would be a match for the pounds of torque the LB7 was initially rated for, much less the increases in torque which would inevitably come.

Allison has been around since making everything from aircraft engines to hybrid propulsion systems, and of course automatic transmissions. Since they were longtime partners, GM teamed up with Allison once again and adapted an existing transmission, the A, for use in pickup trucks. The 5-speed automatic was normally found in vehicles like small buses and box trucks, and its heavy-duty design made it perfect for use in a pickup working on the job site, pushing a snow plow, or just hauling a travel trailer across the country.

As long as you kept up with the fluid and filter maintenance schedule, the Allison transmission could go many miles without a hitch. It was unique at the time since it was the first all-electronic clutch to clutch automatic transmission to be used by any of the big three. Because of its commercial heritage, the A is a very large transmission, and everything inside is scaled up compared to its light duty cousins.

As long as there is no excessive wear inside from high miles or neglect, a good 5-speed Allison can hold about more horsepower than stock. While that does sound like a lot at first, just consider a custom tune can easily add more than horsepower, getting you well into the danger zone. Because the transmission uses an input and output speed sensor, it has the ability to monitor slippage.

For a 5-speed, the good news is you can install an inexpensive shift kit into the transmission which will modify the hydraulic circuits and improve shift quality and increase the holding power to somewhere around horsepower. In when the LBZ Duramax was introduced, there were a few slight changes inside the transmission which helped it hold more power, since the newest version of the Duramax was now rated at horsepower and pounds of torque.

Rather, with some clever re-vamping of the valvebody and tuning, the existing clutches could be reconfigured to enable a 6th gear with an overdriven ratio of 0. The extra gear allowed the engine to operate at a lower speed when cruising down the highway, and the other slight changes allow the six speed to hold about whp in stock trim.

Just like the five speed before it, the six speed would let you know when its had enough with the telltale limp mode and check engine light, but unlike the earlier model, you can now install a shift kit without removing the whole transmission.

The six-speed shift kit only costs bucks and is one of the best budget mods you can do to an Allison. If this is your first time inside a valvebody, just take your time!

While a shift kit takes care of the hydraulics, the biggest improvements come from adding additional clutches with a grippier friction material. Of course, it comes with the usual wear items like frictions and steels and modified apply pistons which allow additional clutches to be fitted, but it also comes with a triple disc torque converter and a few extra hydraulic goodies: first is a shim which adjusts the pressure regulator spring in the pump to add a few more PSI of line pressure, and second is a converter flow valve.

Normally in an Allison automatic, when the TCC is applied, the main line pressure is reduced by half to save wear and tear, but this greatly limits clutch holding power and makes it much easier to limp the trans. They come tested, with a warranty, and are ready to bolt behind your Duramax, saving you the hassle of building your own transmission or waiting on a local shop to do the job.

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For an Allison build of this caliber, the parts list will look similar to a lower power rebuild, but with slight tweaks. Usually the friction material of the clutches is substituted for a grippier compound and line pressure is raised a bit more, but the biggest change is the need for a full set of billet shafts to prevent twisting and snapping of the stock parts.

When you feed more power into an automatic transmission or run a higher RPM stall speed, you will naturally put more heat into the fluid, and running increased pressure can put a strain on your stock cooler lines and cause a leak.

To help your trans run leak free and at a lower temp, some more upgrades are in order. Whether you have a stock or fully modified truck, a larger heat exchanger from PPE is a smart investment.

Next, the stock cooler lines need to go, since there are several crimped connections between hardline and rubber which are prone to leaking.

The more reliable one-piece hydraulic style cooler lines from Fleece can be swapped out in an afternoon and will keep the hot fluid where it belongs. Finally, to add a little more capacity and shed a bit more heat, a deep aluminum transmission pan caps off the build.A service usually takes between 8 and 10 Qts, Start off with 7 Qts then top off to proper level with truck idling in park. I would highly suggest Allison Transynd synthetic fluid, For all on highway models.

The fluid capacity, of your Allison transmission, is 28 quarts. The filter will take and additional pint.

how much fluid does a allison 2000 hold

The manufacturer recommends that you do not over fill the transmission. The amount of transmission fluid for a Mirage will depend on the size of the transmission. Most transmissions for this size automobile take 8 to 12 quarts of fluid. A manual transmission also takes a different type of fluid than an automatic. The Honda transmission has a capacity of eight pints of transmission fluid.

The manufacturer recommends that you never overfill the transmission fluid. Mrs Smith has nine children half of them are girls. Have you ever crashed a wedding or had your wedding crashed, if so what happened? Is best defined as the total weight of persons gear equipment stores fuel and motor assembly found on a vessel? What are the characteristics of the various materials that are used with regard to the bending operations and why do some materials require to the addition of heat to aid the bending process?

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how much fluid does a allison 2000 hold

How much fluid does a silverado transmission take? How much transmission fluid does a mirage take? How much transmission fluid does the 86 Honda fourtrax take?

Allison Transmission Service

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Thomasbus24 Administrator. Dex 3 or anybody using synthetic? Had a salesman tell me I should be using Dex 2. Brad Brad A. Review Tips E and B. Time to get a new salesman. There should be a tag on the dipstick tube. If it' an older unit, it may still have Dexron. If you're doing a service Transynd is recommended.

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I have'nt looked into this lately, I may be wrong. They refilled them with that transynd stuff and plastered a sticker about it on the dashboard. We have never used this stuff before, because we are poor and can't afford the extra costs.

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Can I use regular tranny fluid for top-off purposes or am I now stuck with the expensive stuff? These tranmissions are out of warranty in six months, so it's not like I'm really getting any additional support from it's use from that end of things. Transynd may be expensive but it is there for a purpose. It keeps lubricating in high tempuratures. By adding add-to ATF to Transynd this benifit is lost as well as you waste the added expense of the transynd.

You paid for transynd when the transmission was worked on.A step-by-step guide to Allison transmission service and how to maintain this vital motorhome component. Most diesel-powered Type A motorhomes and a fair number of gasoline-powered coaches are equipped with Allison transmissions.

Such transmissions have set the industry standard for longevity and reliability, but like any chassis component, they require regular maintenance. The nine most common Allison motorhome transmissions on the road today range from model MH to model MH. This article serves as a guide for do-it-yourselfers. The first step in determining service requirements is to find the model and serial number of your Allison transmission.

This information typically is available from the manufacturer of the motorhome or the chassis. You also can crawl under the transmission and look for the serial number, which usually is stamped into a steel plate on the right side.

Then, go to the Allison website and visit the My Transmission page at www. The bulletin covers a range of transmissions and includes tables based on the series, fluid type, and age of a transmission.

Service intervals are separated by vocation type. If you have a or series transmission, you must know the sump size in order to determine the fluid capacity and filter part numbers.

Such transmissions come with either a 2-inch or a 4-inch sump.

how much fluid does a allison 2000 hold

Determine the size by measuring the cast-aluminum pan that is bolted to the bottom of the transmission housing. Unlike diagnostics, which help with troubleshooting, prognostics proactively prevent problems. Prognostics first appeared in model-year coaches. Prognostics electronically monitor the transmission and interface with the Allison shift pad in the cockpit.

How Much Power Can An Allison Take?

Although previous shift pads displayed error codes and transmission fluid levels, prognostics-enabled electronic controls offer much more, including an oil-life monitor, filter-life monitor, and transmission-health monitor. With prognostics, the transmission fluid and filters no longer must be serviced solely on a time or mileage basis.

Their life is displayed as a percentage that more accurately reflects the condition of the transmission and its serviceable items. To view the filter life, press the buttons a third time. Various other operations are available in prognostics; check the owners manual for the procedure to retrieve additional data from the Allison shift pad.

In older transmissions that still have nonsynthetic fluid, your best bet is to replace it with TranSynd; otherwise, the fluid and filters must be changed more frequently.You put gear oil ,NOT fluid in a manual Transmission sir. Here is some info,is this what you need?

Over twenty years of design have made today's Allison MT a tough, economical and flexible transmission. The four-speed on-highway MT combines smooth performance and heavy-duty reliability for mid-range trucks and buses. It is so efficient in traffic and over the road that it has made automatics the transmission of choice in vocations such as beverage and pickup and delivery.

The MT shifts smoothly through the gear ranges, with no interruption of power to the wheels. This helps improve trip times and provides excellent acceleration. A lockup mode in third gear helps improve fuel efficiency and engine braking at highway speeds. Today's engine and axle options have made specifying a truck more demanding. We can help. Whether you're looking for enhanced fuel economy, increased productivity or high performance, we have the tools to help you select an Allison Transmission that will match your specific application needs.

Call ATD. You'll get the right transmission for your job. MT is NOT a manual transmission. You can run Dextron III. I bet that will fix the problem. Don't scrimp here! Open your owners manual right now and read up! All the answers you are asking for are in the glove box. Trending News.

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